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Our Team

Team members at Freedom Home Health possess both the external measures of competence — degrees, certifications, and experience — and the personal qualities that can drive positive outcomes in home healthcare...qualities like careful observation, seasoned intuition, and good communication.

It's about caring, deeply and genuinely.
Our team members are all licensed in their given specialties and have passed thorough background checks. Continuing medical education is integrated into our policies, both through accredited medical education providers and through a robust in-service program as part of our own training.

All Freedom Home Health team members complete a thorough training program that orients them on our model of care. We are creating a team of people who truly understand the importance of cross-functional coordination, communication and compassionate care.

We are keen observers of everything in our patient's lives — their medical condition of course, but also their physical environment, their emotional health, the myriad of factors that contribute to true health and recovery.

And what we observe we also communicate...to the physician, to the facility medical staff if the patient is a resident, to the Freedom care team, and to the patient's family and other caregivers. There are no unimportant issues when it comes to patient health.

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