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Our Services

Freedom Home Health services are built on a true continuum of care model. That's because health and recovery challenges are rarely isolated — it's all interrelated, so Freedom Home Health services are a coordinated set of care activities with the patient at the very center.

All services are ordered by and coordinated with the patient's physician, and are delivered by our team of skilled healthcare professionals who are dedicated to helping each patient achieve the highest possible level of health and independence.


Hopsice Care

Services include:

Skilled Nursing  — Comprehensive overall disease management and patient education. Experienced management of medications, pain, wounds, and infusions.
Physical Therapy and Fall-Risk Assessment — Expertise in returning to a stronger, more capable physical health through balance, transfer, and gait training. Developing strength and endurance through in home exercise programs to meet individual needs.
Occupational Therapy — Help in integrating assistive devices into the activities of daily living, such as mobility, eating, bathing, and much more.
Speech Therapy  — Interventions to restore speech, improve communication skills, focus on problem solving, cognitive function and help to improve swallowing.
Social Work — We can coordinate services with a variety of providers and community service organizations.
Nutritional Therapy — Education and guidance on nutrition.
Tele-Health — These technologies can be used to reduce re-admittance or other setbacks. Tele-Health systems monitor a variety of vital signs, data, and trends, which are then transmitted to our staff and reported to the physician.
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