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Hospice Services

Hospice is a specialized care that helps people with limited life expectancy to make the most of each day in a familiar environment. Comfort and dignity are emphasized in our people-centered care model. Hospice affirms life through sensitive, holistic care of both the patient and family during a vulnerable time.

Guided by a physician, our inter-disciplinary team of professionals creates a caring atmosphere that includes medical, social, emotional and spiritual care. Our team is experienced in Nursing Care, Social Services, Bereavement Support, Direct Chaplin Care, and Volunteer Certification.


Our hospice provides:

Expert clinical care with emphasis on pain and symptom management: including Nursing, Home Health Aides, and Social Work.
Coordination of home medical equipment and medication related to the hospice diagnosis.
A comprehensive bereavement program, including support for friends and family for up to 13 months after the loss of a loved one.
Direct Chaplin care for emotional, spiritual and counseling support to the patients and family member of all ages.

Our Mission:
Freedom Hospice will provide compassionate, comprehensive end-of-life care that enables the patient and family to experience the time remaining comfortably and in accord with their own priorities.

Our Care Team Consists of:
Medical Director — Providing plan of care oversight, consultative services for symptom and pain management and attending physician assistance
Nursing — Direct nursing care for routine in-home visits based on patient need for assessment, wound care pain and symptom management, and patient education. Our team of experienced registered nurses act as the physician liaison, and is available 24/7 for in-home crisis care.
Social Services — Direct care for psycho-social needs, and a community liaison for social and financial services, as well as resources support. Works with the patient and family providing direct counseling and Advance Directive planning.
Direct Chaplin Care — Supports emotional and spiritual needs as a liaison with churches, funeral homes, and assists with arrangements and bereavement support groups.
Volunteers — Indispensable key members of the hospice team. They consist of individuals that are compassionate, sensitive, great listeners focused on providing companionship. Volunteer opportunities exist in direct patient and family contact or administrative support.

Bereavement Support
We help patients and families deal with the various stages of grief prior to and after the passing. Our team supports family members of all ages who experience the loss of a loved one, as needed for up to 13 months. First and foremost, we are good listeners and are there to attend funerals and reach out to individuals and family on special dates and anniversaries.

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Hospice FAQs

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice is a specialized care that helps people with limited life expectancy to make the most of each day in a familiar environment. Hospice affirms life through sensitive, holistic care of both the patient and family during a vulnerable time.

Who pays for Care?

Hospice is 100% covered by Medicare and in most states, Hospice is a service covered as part of a Medicaid benefit. In addition, most private insurances offer a Hospice benefit. Our Hospice staff will ensure the coverage for each particular patient and file all insurance claims as needed.

What are the various types of Hospice care?

More than 80% of Hospice care in the United States occurs in the home. Care is also available to patients who live in assisted living and long-term care facilities. The types of care fall into four categories: Routine Home Care, Respite Care, Continuous Care and In-Patient Care.

Does Hospice care mean I am giving up?

People who choose Hospice are not giving up. Hospice care does not hasten end of life or prolong life. It is a type of care provided by a supportive team so that patient and family can prepare for passing in comfort and dignity.

Can I receive Hospice care in a Nursing Home?

Yes. Care is available to patients who live in long-term care facilities.

I don't have cancer, can I still receive Hospice Care?

Originally the most prevalent diagnosis was Cancer; however, Hospice today is more and more about people with Non-cancer diagnosis. Cancer diagnosis is less than 50% of all diagnosis supported by Hospice Care.

What services are provided for my family?

Nursing and Aide services are provided for the patient. In addition, both the patient and family receive bereavement support led by our specialized team of licensed social workers and Direct Care Chaplin. We provide service as needed after the passing of a loved one for up to 13 months.

Isn't Hospice all about religion?

Hospice is not all about religion, we focus on a holistic approach to end of life, which includes physical, emotional and spiritual care provided by a team of caring individuals and volunteers.

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